are proud to announce their new release


Rainbows is the second album released by Blue Horizon and the first release since their debut album Lost Weekend which was released in 2006.

This material has been recorded over a number of years and represents a continuing evolution in the band's style. It has more of a band feel, building on the achievements of the first album and represents a more basic and refined style, with a more soulful feel blended with the country influence of the first album.

Blue Horizon have honed down their musical sound on this album and also feature a guest sax player on several tracks. The usual eclectic range of styles is featured ranging from the soul influence on 'City of Light' and 'Visions of You' to gentler acoustic tracks like' Since The Day You've Broken My Heart' and 'Lost Too Far'. The alt-country feel of the first album is developed on November, Looking At You and Oceans Apart. More upbeat material includes the title track, 'White Hotel' and 'Scent of A Woman'.

Also featured on this website are a range of other material including a newly written and updated Bio of the band with information about the band, it's members and their past and present activities.

On the CD page you can download the new album or buy and listen to the 12 individual tracks as appropriate and share it with others, please do this as we need the exposure!

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The download page features some free downloads composed of older and brand new demos of forthcoming songs of the unreleased 3rd Blue Horizon album Church Stretton Sessions.

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